Krypton SRO! | Cap 110 | EU&CH | Silk/hour | PC limit | Auto events| Protected


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Welcome to Krypton-SRO

Server Has been Started now
Have A nice time
Grand Open Tuesday 7/4/2017 :

Server Info

Server Info.
Mastery| 330
EXP| 70x
SP | 20x
Job | 10x
Job Max | LVL 16
Gold| 5x
System| Old SRO
FTW | Hotan/ Consta
PC Limit| 2
Union Limit | 2
Guild Limit| 25
Honor Buff| Job system
Capture Flag| Enabled
Battle-Arena| Enabled
Survival battle arena| Enabled
Silk/Per/Hour| 1/Silk

About Krypton-Sro

Krypton-Sro is a fantasy MMORPG .
There is no any Server 110 cap server at the moment so since we are decided to make Krypton-Sro,
we are going to open a real professional server to make some great fun.
A server where you will be able to experience the real silkroad gameplay.
you even offer you some real enjoyment in the best servers and we also see some of
the previous servers because there is no new in the world of Silkroad. And also there is no stable servers

in a mature society yet. We will provide you with everything you're looking for fun and
spend your free time and will offer content Silkroad original but this does not mean there will be no major changes.

such as daily events, weekly and monthly new features also to make the server more amusing and you will see this for yourself now prefer me .

Main targets

A friendly and active community
Stable server
Lagless gameplay to ensure the players' prosperity.
Long-term server
Free 2 play and play 2 win
let me give you some tips (How To Play Krypton-Sro)


How to get silk

you can gain silk From Quest Manager '' there's 5 quest , one of them appears when you wear job suit
Silk/Per2Hour| 1/Silk
You can get silk from Event
You can get silk from Hunt Uniques''
How to get Silk

Item Mall

Avtar Shop

Scroll Shop

-Silk scroll [ 1 , 5 , 10 , 50 , 100 ] .
- Vip Str / Int Scroll [ Continuous for 1hour Per day ].
- Remove Premium scroll [ You can Remove prem ] .
- Reset state [ Reset your stat str/int ] .
- Skill Reset Scroll [ Reset your Skills Mastery ] .
- Fgw Reset scroll [ Reset your Fgw Books ] .
- Fgw Penality [ Reset your fgw time ] .
- Reset Max Durbaility [ Remove Red Line on item ] .
- Scroll Change Name [ You can change your char name ] .
- Golden Dragon Flag [ 5 Str / INt ] .
- Job Blue Scroll [ you can use in New Job suite add 7 Str/Int ] .
- Holy Water Scroll [ You can reset your holy water temple time ] .
- Advanced Elexir Tybe C [ +3 Upgrade your item (Weapon/Pro/Acc/Shiedl)].

Add New skills for Chinese

We add some skills for Chinese to make some balance against euro

New job suits

New job suits are available with increased STR-INT stats

Model Switcher

We have added the well known model switchers so all players can have the weapon/shield shape of the degree (11~15) they liked most. Model switchers will be available for silk in the item mall.

Title Shop

It's new Style for title , so you can use your scroll title only from lv 100 quest Bluezerk 105 , 110 and there's 3 type title for each of them and they has Different power for example [General] BlackBird CharName
to use Title scroll like [General] BlackBird so you have to make first Zerk 100 [General] to use it
you can't use Title scroll 100 on 105,110

Automatic Events

Wanted System.
Since we decided make Krypton SRO we try make best server with add new feature
like Wanted System . and for no Bug we made AntiCheat
Here are some detailed you might need to know about our Wanted system.

Kill 10 opposite jobbers | 1% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
]Kill 20 opposite jobbers | 2% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
Kill 30 opposite jobbers | 3% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
Kill 40 opposite jobbers | 4% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
Kill 50 opposite jobbers | 5% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1

Job Honor Rank System
Honor rank is gonna be more fun in Krypton SRO.
you can Get honor From trading & jobbing. For every trade you sell as a trader, steal as a thief or protect as a hunter, you will get honor points all this gonna happen after you get lvl 2 in job.

Honor rank buffs.
- First -Top 5 All buffs.
- 6 - 10 Gold, Silver & Bronze.
- 11 - 20 Silver & Bronze.
- 21 - 30 Bronze.

Honor rank update/reset time.

- To give a chance to the new players to catch up, the rank will be reset (we will Decided when server opening Beta). This will also let the competition continue and never stop.

[Guide] How to obtain the Nova A&B Egypt weapons.
Differences between them

There is a total of 2 Egypt weapons. Know by their identificator on the game files (type A and B).
Stats between normal D11 weapon and Egypt weapons.

Type A: 22.3% stronger
Type B: 29.5% stronger

The main difference are the phy/mag/reinforces. All of them are higher than the normal D11 weapons. The only thing that doesn't change is the critical/blocking ratio.
We can know what kind of weapons are in-game by it's green indicator.

Type A Weapons: Power
Type A Shield: Protection
Type B Weapons: Fight
Type B Shield: Guard

There are 2 types of every A and B items, normal and Seal of Nova. I don't think an explanation of the differences between the normal and the nova ones is necessary ^^'
Having this in mind, we can proceed explaining how to get them.

How to obtain the Egypt Weapons and Shield

Type A

The A type is the easiest to get respect the others. There are 2 ways for obtain them:

1. By quest
2. By drop

1. By quest

The quest for obtain the A type weapons is called "The Sea of Resentment Collection". You can obtain it if you are over level 101. The NPC who gives this quest it's the Governor Senmut, in Alexandria.
Basically you only have to obtain all the talismans for complete the Collection Book of The Sea of Resentment. The talismans are dropped from the Treasure Boxes that spawns on the Forgotten World during the instances (randomly on specific spots, there is a max of 2 boxes per instance and sometimes they doesn't spawn), and from the last unique of the 101-110 instance, called Ghost Sereness.
This quest can be done only once, this means you only can obtain 1 Egypt weapon with this method.
The Talismans of the Sea of Resentment Collection Book are:

Broken key | Large tong | Phantom harp | Evil's heart

Vindictive spirit's bead | Hook Hand | Commander's patch | Sereness's tears

All of them should have the same drop ratio but some ppl says the most difficult to get is the Sereness's tears.
Once you have registed all the talismans on your Collection Book, go talk with Governor Senmute and he will let you choose the Egypt A Seal of Nova weapon that you preffer (you can't choose a shield as far as I know).

2. By drop

As simple as that. You can get it dropped when you kill Ghost Sereness on 101-110 instance. The drop rate of it is very low, and you can also get normal A weapon/shield instead of Seal of Nova.

Type B

This is the hardest type to get, the only way for get it is as drop, same as the type A. Only the Ghost Sereness from 101-110 instance drop it. The chance for get a Nova type B weapon from that unique is very low. As many stars have the instance, the chances of drop are higher.
So basically the only way for obtain it its pure luck, and do a lot of Forgotten World instances. If you get one you can get billions for it.

-We've applied some events that'll be held automatically by our event bots to entertain our players in a daily basis. You can participate in most of these events, regardless of your character level.
-We've applied some events that'll be held automatically by our event bots to entertain our players in a daily basis. You can participate in most of these events, regardless of your character level.

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رد: Krypton SRO! | Cap 110 | EU&CH | Silk/hour | PC limit | Auto events| Protected

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رد: Krypton SRO! | Cap 110 | EU&CH | Silk/hour | PC limit | Auto events| Protected

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