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After a long time we made it MAXROAD Online with Old school system
but with maxroad system u will enjoy with our new system
we have alot of new on out old school system bec we are looking for fun only we begin to explain everything
Thanks for join us
we hope that u will have fun with our Old School system

VPS info

we gave you the best dedicated server to avoid the lag and have fun all time

Server Feature

MaxRoad Launcher

Start items

Server Alchemy

How To Get Egy Set&Acc&Weapons

Ch skills

New System
We add new system Every 10 lvl up you get reward

in etch lvl reward you need to restart but don't forget to make space befor restart and when you open you will fiend your reward and message

Item Mall

ADD New Scroll in item mall and new fellow pets

You can fiend all Avatars in Npc Avatar's shop at Alexandria(south

We are waiting you

Any new updates will be added in this topic as soon as it is available
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