DesertRoad Private Server


hello guys I'm proud because I present to you the game one of the best pservers and static and will be stable as long as we can, who made this game a professional people not like other servers children owners so you'll enjoy with us and you'll have a great fun with us, this game will be one from best cap 100 servers and i hope you like it lets show details

more features

Free silks

11 New Towns

New Fellow Pets

latest isro avatars

Fortress War

added sun set +7 fb in npc from degree 1 to degree 8

Custom Titles

New Skills

New degree 14 weapons

added new grap pets

added new attack pets with worlock skills

egy weapons degree 11 has been changed to degree 10

fortress war time every friday 7:30 PM GMT +2

fortress war time every monday 7:30 PM GMT +2

added Silkroad-R Skills

fortress war register time every day

screen shots:
New Degree 14 Weapons

Skills Lv 110 has been changed to lv 100

New Npc in Downhang

this npc sell this things

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Thank you :)
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